Ever feel alone in a crowded place? This artist gets you

These people suspended in time allow much thought and wondering.


Adam Magyar struggles with the speed of time. (Who can blame him?) In response, the Hungarian artist and photographer captures densely populated urban areas at extremely high speeds — then slows each moment down so you can experience every breath and blink. The result: hypnotic videos that reveal the hidden depths of everyday experiences. One conceptual series, Stainless, turns a mundane subway commute into a meditation on mortality and human perception. In Stainless, Magyar creates both videos and still photographs, the latter using a line-scan camera (the same kind of camera used in a scanner) to turn a speeding train into “a frozen image of impossible clarity and stillness, a reality imperceptible to both passengers speeding into the station and bystanders waiting to board,” writes Joshua Hammer in Matter. “The individuals in his trains ride together yet apart, lost in their own thoughts, often transfixed by their hand-held devices.”

Below, see five haunting gifs…

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In the early morning,

the world is still.

A gust of wind shakes a leaf,

and the gathered dewdrops rain on the ladybird

hiding in the shade.

The crows exchange their daily greetings

as they tear into the rotting flesh of a rabbit.

By the field of flowers,

a newly-hatched butterfly flies from daisy to daisy,

anxious to live, to taste, to touch

before its week of life runs out.

The world is still as ever,

and the day would age and depart as it always did–

quietly; unnoticed.

Tamed tongues

My days are empty,
only set apart by the succession of
light and dark.
The hours tick by and I am still fasting,
abstaining from words that my mouth
itches to speak.
There’s a furled ball of stillborn words
that have been gathering in my throat,
blocking air and restricting my chest.
I am no longer a leaf travelling
as far as the wind could take me–no.
Somewhere along the way, I became
one out of many that are
held tightly by the branches of this
deeply rooted tree.

Pretending, pretending

My smiles are cheap, as cheap as they come.

Don’t let me fool you anymore; there’s a lot of ice

you’d need to melt

before I believe you when you tell me

you love me.

Note: I wanted to write more but left it at that. I might end up editing this some time. Or maybe not.